• 2022 is the Year!

    Hopefully, this year I will be able to keep both feet planted firmly on the ground and I will continue to move forward. For those of you who have followed me and have continued to support my small business, thank you!
    I have had some fantastic feedback both on my traditional pottery pieces as well as my ceramic buttons. I never would have thought so many people would love my ceramic buttons! Thank you so much!!!
  • Subscription Ceramic Buttons Coming Soon!

  • Sometimes You Just Need to Throw Stuff!

    Throwing Stuff for the pure joy of it vs needing the calming effects of it!
  • My Wish for 2020

    Hopefully, this will be the year for carving out a little more clay time!
  • Happy New Year!

    My first new update will be Sunday, January 26th. I will have Valentine's Day gifts as well as functional pottery and all occasion pieces.
  • Embracing the Season

    I decided to embrace the holidays and see what I could add to my ceramic work that would be fun! So, here's what I've done so far!
  • Taking My Turn With Clay!

    I have worked with clay for over a decade now, but mostly in the context of teaching others how to work with clay and making examples to share with my students for ideas and/or techniques. As I work more and more with clay, the more I am consumed! I want to play with the clay! All of the time! It has become an obsession. I think it's time for me to take my turn with clay!