Bringing It All Together With Clay!

As a an artist and art teacher, I have explored a lot of different materials for creating art. While I worked for years in watercolor and pastel, I have found clay has become my passion! Currently, I am using my drawing and painting background to explore different ways of adding decoration to my ceramic forms. I also enjoy creating my own stamps and then using them to stamp designs in my clay. This is a method I use a lot for creating my own ceramic buttons and jewelry components. Clay is a way for me to bring together everything I love and I could not be happier!

Originals by Noelle is where I have all of my functional and decorative ceramic pieces. As a part of Originals by Noelle, I also have Katno's Button Box. This is where you will find all types of handmade artisan ceramic buttons and needle minders. Handmade buttons are a great way to add a perfect finishing touch to your hand crafted project.

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