Current Work and a  Look at What I'm Working on in Studio 

I really enjoy making mini pumpkins. They're just for decoration- but they're so much fun!

What a great review!!!

Neutral, Linen White Berry Bowl or Colander.

Forming gnomes out of clay.

Painting gnomes with underglaze. I add color before they are ever fired. They are very fragile at this stage.

Finished gnomes. They were fired to cone 04, clear glazed and then fired to cone 5.

I really enjoy making mushrooms!

This is where I can spend hours- throwing on the wheel. I love it!

I have been enjoying a textured turquoise and ancient copper combination in my glazes.

Creating magnets for Thank you gifts to send with orders.

Layering Cone 6 Glazes within the lines drawn with black wax resist.

Dragon Egg Bud Vase or Pencil/Pen Holder

Woodland Mushroom Cup

Iris Bowl

Ginkgos on Blue Serving Bowl

2 new bud vases.

Arctic Blue over Midnight- a new favorite glaze combo.

Experimenting with layering glazes with drip patterns.

Magnets and Jewelry Organizer commissioned for a friend.

Spring Buttons

Spring Shallow Dish with bird feathers

Spring Vessels

I have several styles of needle minders available! I love painting snippets of what's on my mind!

It's all about the texture! I really enjoy creating textures in clay pieces with lace.

Leaf Imprint Small Prep Bowls, or Small bowls for sauce, or just odds and ends around the house.

A Zany Bird Tumbler or Pot for the holidays!

My first Zany Bird Holiday Ornament! More to come!

Small, White Stoneware Vases (greenware, ready for bisque)

Hollow Pumpkin Sculpture (greenware, ready for bisque)

Holiday Ornaments on the underglaze table.

Holiday Ornaments in Process!

Holiday Ornaments in Process

Blue Zany Bird on Stoneware Cup

Small Bee vase/toothpick holder

Small Bee Trinket Dish

Zany Bird Stoneware Mugs

Small Scraffito Flower Bowl

Scraffito Stoneware Berry Bowl

Assorted Ceramic Seashell Pendants

Nesting Stoneware Bowls

Scraffito Stoneware Planter

Scraffito Trinket Dishes

Scraffito Bowl

Scraffito Planter

Scraffito Tumbler

Scraffito Tumbler

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