Current Work and a  Look at What I'm Working on in Studio 

A Zany Bird Tumbler or Pot for the holidays!

My first Zany Bird Holiday Ornament! More to come!

Small, White Stoneware Vases (greenware, ready for bisque)

Hollow Pumpkin Sculpture (greenware, ready for bisque)

Holiday Ornaments on the underglaze table.

Holiday Ornaments in Process!

Holiday Ornaments in Process

Blue Zany Bird on Stoneware Cup

Small Bee vase/toothpick holder

Small Bee Trinket Dish

Zany Bird Stoneware Mugs

Small Scraffito Flower Bowl

Scraffito Stoneware Berry Bowl

Assorted Ceramic Seashell Pendants

Nesting Stoneware Bowls

Scraffito Stoneware Planter

Scraffito Trinket Dishes

Scraffito Bowl

Scraffito Planter

Scraffito Tumbler

Scraffito Tumbler

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